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Woman Uses Astrology to Predict Stock Prices

Twitter user @marenaltman uses astrology to predict stock prices.

She regularly updates her followers on Twitter and TikTok with her short-term outlooks for popular stocks like GameStop and Tesla, based on astrology. See her recent research on Tesla below, where she predicts a big event around February 11th.

She also gives regular updates on Bitcoin’s outlook based on the position of its astrological chart.

woman predicts Tesla stock using astrology

The predictions are usually fairly vague. She’ll say it “could” be a good moment for a pump, like in the above tweet. But isn’t almost any time a good Bitcoin pump moment?

Many of her other predictions lack a bearish or bullish thesis; sometimes she’ll just say a “big event” is coming soon and to be on the lookout.

Somehow, there are still several replies of people attempting to incorporate the information into their trading plan. While many of the replies say the info is too vague, some want the information in a more actionable format (such as on a chart).

She also has plenty of supporters who appreciate her analysis. One remarked that maybe Elon Musk should hire her.

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