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What to Expect for “Double Click” Demo Event

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Palantir’s “Double Click” demo event is hosted on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 11:00 am ET. This event will present new technologies and vision from the Palantir team.

Now, what else can we expect from this event?

If we take a look at the last demo event, Palantir’s stock surged to its ATH of 45$. This was contributed to the surge of the overall market, but also the event itself. The event showcased new technologies and Palantir’s software, Foundry and Gotham. This showcased software amazed investors, as they showed how intricate and developed software, help companies, and governments across the world.

Additionally, the Palantir team described the future of the company which eased fears in investors. For example, one of the main bear points for Palantir is they do not get enough commercial business. This was addressed as Palantir showcased their new foundry platform which is meant to help commercial companies analyze their business more in-depth. Lastly, they also showed how governments across the world can use Gotham’s platform, as it can analyze threats, showcase potential problems, and secure their country properly. Now with this upcoming event, what is there to expect?

We believe there may be another surge as investor’s questions will be addressed. Additionally, we believe more products or developments to products will be announced and showcased. This will cause the stock to rally as investors price in new contracts and developments. Lastly, we will hear new guidance for Palantir as a whole. The stock has taken a beating as it has fallen nearly 60% from its all-time highs. Therefore, an event like this is important to ease investor’s fear and put Palantir’s stock back on track.

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