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WallStreetBets Hero Took An Account From $1,500 to $360,000

A WallStreetBets hero took a measly account from $1,500 to over $360,000 and all the way back down to $66,000 in a matter of weeks.

Source: WallStreetBets

The hero also posted how he has taken $10k out of this account and will ride the rest of his investment to the moon or all the way back to zero.

A WallStreetBets user commented almost the same thing on the original post:

“Same here started with 35kish..went up to 320k and back down to 55k”

Someone even said, “I dont know if you should be proud or hate yourself, but at least you don’t have paper hands.”

For those who don’t know, showing your gainz and losses is common on WallStreetBets. Users will upvote posts that show massive gains and give even more upvotes to accounts that have even bigger losses.

As shown in a WallStreetBets post from three years ago a user asked, “What’s your biggest trading loss and by what % was your account drawn down. How long did it take you to get back in the green?”

One user posted a screenshot of his account being down over $100,000 in one day while saying, “suffered a 100k drop. And 2 more 50-80k drops afterwards. I’m good now though. $Shop is a helluva drug.”

Source: Imgur

Not sure how these guys can sleep at night – if they even sleep at all holding these risky bets. But I guess that is all part of the WallStreetBets hero game

Comment below what your biggest loss is.

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