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Redditor Has $1.3M GME Gain, Doesn’t Sell

A trader on r/WallStreetBets posted his 4,034 share position in GameStop today, saying he didn’t sell last week even at a $1.3 million gain.

Though he says the gain was $1.8 million in the post, from the screenshot provided the profit would be $1.3 million. It’s possible that he had other gains from options or other shares that aren’t displayed here.

He bought the shares at $124.82 on average, meaning his total position is worth about $500,000 currently.

At its peak last week, the position would be worth about $1.8 million.

When this was posted about an hour ago, the trader was right around break-even.

Should he have sold last week? Is it a good idea to keep holding GameStop? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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