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NFT Tulip Bubble? This Tulip Picture Sold For $57,000

In what could be described only as insane mania, a new NFT project launched last night that is selling Tulip Bulb Jpegs. And despite the ironic nature of the entire project, they are selling like crazy, with over $250,000 USD transacted in less than 14 hours.

One Tulip Bulb, called “The Criujf” sold for an astounding $57,000 or 8 ETH. Here is an image we pulled directly from the OpenSea marketplace that is hosting this new NFT project.

According to the creator the strategic goal of the project is to create only 50 tulips for this collection. Each Tulip is named after a famous Dutch figure. Tulips 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50 contain tenths of a secret unlockable message. Piece 10 of these messages together and send us a picture of you or a friend in the unlocked location for a special edition SHINY TULIP! Only 5 SHINY TULIPS will be minted.

From our understanding, this is the first NFT project that is mixing the metaverse with the real world in a cool project that is reminiscent of the Geocaching that was popular in the early 2000s. And it’s catching on like fire with popularity on Twitter.

What is next for the Tulip Mania NFT project? According to the project leader, a lot. Without giving specifics, we were told they are planning on launching even better NFT projects that mix the metaverse with the real verse in an even cooler way than their successful tulip launch.

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