WallStreetBets Hostage
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Mods Take WallStreetBets Hostage For Money And Fame

According to a post on WallStreetBets, old mods have taken the popular investing forum hostage.

Source: WSB

According to the post, the Mods have taken control of WallStreetBets for fame, money and potential movie rights. Apparently these were old mods who used to be apart of the site but then moved a few years back. When the rise of WallStreetBets occurred two weeks ago, these mods came back on and started to funnel emails to the press.

The mods who have taken WallStreetBets hostage are referred to as “the board of directors”. In addition, one of the mods is using WallStreetBets as a way to pump up his new crypto coin that they are planning on launching.

This post has been removed multiple times but keeps popping up as other users are posting screenshots of it.

Reading through the comments, the majority of the users in WallStreetBets appear to be angry and some quiet livid. I don’t have the names of the higher ups who have taken control of the subreddit but if anyone has any information please reach out.

From my understanding of the situation, it appears as if WallStreetBets is going to be monetized soon while the money and interest is flowing. In my opinion, this is an incredible idea as it will likely fetch an insane multiple of future revenues. However, as with any change in corporate control, there will be alienation and drama from users, employees and other mods who did not get to be on the decision making process.

Comments (6)

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