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Here are the top ten stocks discussed on WallStreetBets

Everyday WallStreetBets has a discussion thread where users discuss the top stocks they like. It is a great place to find potential stocks that could go parabolic as WallStreetBets has been targeting highly shorted stocks this year.

The top WallStreetBets stocks that were most discussed are listed below in a screenshot we grabbed.

Source: WallStreetBets

The number on stock on the list is still GameStop by far. When looking at the WallStreetBets thread it appears as if users are hoping for another parabolic short squeeze with GameStop.

BlackBerry and AMC Entertainment are still in the top three as well as these are heavily shorted stocks that ramped up in price when GameStop was going through its short squeeze two weeks ago.

Tesla made number four on the list, likely due to its purchase of bitcoin and Elon Musk tweeting multiple times about Dogecoin last week.

A couple of new companies I saw that have not been mentioned in depth were General Motors and Apple. General Motors is likely on the list due to the recent development of their EV car and its controversial Super Bowl commercial.

Finally, Apple made the list. I am guessing Apple is on the WallStreetBets most discussed stock list given Tesla’s bitcoin purchase and EV car development. There are rumors flying around Wall Street that Apple could start buying bitcoin itself and start their own crypto wallet.

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