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Dave Portnoy Picks SafeMoon as His Crypto

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy revealed his “shit coin” pick: SafeMoon.

Portnoy went on livestream to unveil his pick for the cryptocurrency he would support. After unveiling SafeMoon as his pick, he warned that it “could be a ponzi scheme” and that investors should “get in on the ground floor” if it is.

Portnoy revealed that he has already purchased $40,000 worth of SafeMoon and plans to add to his position.

Portnoy was choosing between Dogecoin, AssCoin, and LiteCoin, among others.

SafeMoon remained relatively unchanged just after the announcement, sitting at -14% for the day. It’s up 4,555% since its debut about six weeks ago. Here’s the chart below:

Portnoy promised he would not sell his Safemoon, and would hold for the long-term. “I’m not a pump and dump guy,” he added on livestream.

Here’s how to buy SafeMoon: How To Buy SafeMoon.

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