AMC CEO No Pants
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AMC CEO Doesn’t Wear Pants In Strange Interview

In one of the strangest interviews in 2021, the CEO of AMC, Adam Aron, was seen not wearing any shorts.

While talking to the individual interviewing him, Mr. Aron adjusts his camera, exposing his lower portion of his body which appears as if he was not wearing any shorts.

While Mr. Aron has not clarified publicly why he wasn’t wearing any pants. Some have speculated that Aron purposely exposed his lower half in an attempt to mock short sellers as Elon Musk did with his “short shorts”. Others have said that Aron was likely up all night trying to raise additional capital for his business and forgot to put shorts on.

Whatever the reason, the no pants wearing CEO publicity stunt has benefited AMC’s stock price. As of this writing the stock is up over 8% today.

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